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Many new children will be coming to Care Corner Orphanage soon. We are excited that God is bringing new children and giving them the opportunity of a changed life. As new children come— as they need food, medical attention, school supplies, clothing, and ways to express their energy and creativity—we are asking YOU to be a part of their lives. More partners are needed to help sponsor the children and youth at Care Corner. For information on how you can be a part of this ministry through sponsorship please visit the Sponsor a Child page of our site.


Doi Inthanon






Posing at the resort in Doi Inthanon

Jao standing in front of the Pagoda Park
Lay Hwa with the Children on the Pagoda
Chillin’ In the Fog
Bridge in the Water Park


Completion of the Fish Pond

In the month of May, construction began on the fish pond to lower the water level from 4-5 meters to 1-1.5 meters. This decision was made for a number of reasons. One was for the safety of the children. Two was to produce an ecosystem where sunlight can generate vegetation in which the fishes may be able to feed off from. Thanks to Love Thailand team from Bristol, UK for raising the funds and making this possible.


Reconstructing the fish pond!

The Process:

Step One: Pump out the water
Step Two: Add the Dirt
Step Three: level the dirt
Step Four: Continue Leveling
Finally, adding the fingerings
In memory of Paulette, Who Supported CCOF

Hot Spring outing


A day out in the sun…

Welcome to Sankampaeng Hot Spring!
Children entering the hot spring
Dipping their feet into the “hot” stream
The boys
Laylay and Lamai Having Fun
Having BBQ Lunch
Speed Eating
Somnuk Swimming in the Hot Spring


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Care Corner Partner Highlight:

Grace International School exists primarily to enable international Christian workers to remain in their field of service by providing for the needs of their children through an integrated education from a Christian worldview. Please click on logo to see how you can help.