Khawtee’s Story

“I am ready to go home to be with my Heavenly Father,” she says. No one knows where Khawtee comes from. As a toddler she was found crying and abandoned in a hospital. She is now 16 years old. She was dying from AIDS which she had since birth.

For the last ten years, she has been an inspiration to all the staff, volunteers and children at Care Corner Orphanage. Full of charisma, enthusiasm and a positive approach in life is how we describe her. Just as the apostle Paul said, “for me to live is Christ, to die is gain” is how she is living.
How many of us can be like her, able to face death with the assurance of a place in heaven through Jesus Christ as our gateway to the Father?

Khawtee is now serving full-time with Care Corner Orphanage.  Praise the Lord!

One night, ten years ago while she was very sick with AIDS, the Lord Jesus appeared to Khawtee and told her, “I am with you all the time, and I care for you.”