Nan’s Story

Nan is six years old. In the past 9 weeks, her weight has plummeted from 14 kg to 11 kg, due to her poor appetite, and frequent diarrhea. Once an energetic, cheerful and downright cheeky girl, she is now mostly subdued and listless. Nan was born with AIDS, and is not expected to last long into the new year. Soon, she will be taken to hospital, and we the staff will be rostered to stay with her till she dies. Nan is fortunate in that she will not die alone. Many are the AIDS children in Thailand who are left at hospital or institutions by their relatives when they reach the final stage. Eyewitnesses report seeing these children dying alone and frightened, with not even a stranger there to hold their hands. This won’t happen to Nan. She will pass away with one of the 7 people she has known as family, holding her hand comforting her. Would it be that all AIDS children could pass away so.


Nan’s condition deteriorated rapidly in last week of October 2000. On the 1st of November, she was taken to hospital where she passed away with Jeremy, her nurse and friend of these past three years, holding her hand. We the staff are very thankful to Almighty God that Nan’s suffering was minimal during her final days, and that she is now safe and happy in HIS care.

Written by Bob Stephens