Suwanna’s Story

Hi, my name is Suwanna Mihefner. I would like to share my life experience when I had been lived in the Care Corner Orphanage Foundation (CCOF). I come from a broken family and after the separation my mother bring me and my younger brother come in CCOF through recommendation from a missionary. At that time, our life had been tough because we leave home empty-handed and have some clothes. We are following mom to leave home and then we are always moving around to stay with my mother’s acquaintance. After all, A missionary who advise us come in CCOF Family.

The first time I knoweth God from CCOF and my new life start after then. This place making a difference in my life from a girl who come from a broken family I remember the time I can’t take it anymore but at here they given me up and fulfilled love to my life and caring about me. This place they provide good education; I feel like this place is my second home. My younger brother and I grow up from there, this place that have love from God and I very appreciated God’s kindness and compassion and thank you very much for Mr. Ricky’ family for given an opportunity to me living at here and made me know God and I’m very love this home always and forever.

Nowadays, I was married and have family in the Germany. I have two kids and I believe the God given a good soulmate for me. He is a good man and he love me and love our kids. I never dream can I have a good life like now. I’m appreciated God in everyday because I believe that everything in my life is the God’s plan. The God provide the best thing for everyone who is the love. Whatever happens