Dear Friends And Missions Partners

Greetings to all of you from Chiangmai and in the lovely name of Jesus! We ask you to be a part of making a difference in a child’s life. Please pray for our ministry at Care Corner Orphanage and for the children who are here.

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We covet your prayers and ask that you simply invite your networks to join in the conversation about Grace and why it matters so that our circle of prayer support may grow.

Below you’ll find our 11 suggested ways you can be a part of growing Grace.

To join us in a particular area (or more than one), please leave your name and e-mail address in the form below.

Lift up GIS before the Father, as all we have and are is due to Him. Make GIS a personal matter of prayer, as well as lifting it up before meals and on occasions for corporate prayer.

Share with friends and family the stories and needs of Grace; we’ve found that the most effective communication method is word-of-mouth and our most effective staff recruitment tool is you!

Write your supporters about GIS, not only as a school, but as a partner in your ministry. When writing newsletters, feel free to include the stories and photos you find on our website.

Browse, comment, or “share” our stories online. Post our Stories on Facebook. List our Staff Needs in e-mails. You can also find Grace International School on FacebookYouTube, and Twitter and share them with your friends online.

Download any of our Promotional Materials photos, or videos to distribute, email, or share in presentations.

Ask your church or Sunday school class to take on an area of Grace as a prayer ministry or fundraising project.

Propose ideas or form a committee to host fundraising events for GIS. Past events have included bake sales, car washes, a piano concert, and more.

Help us help you by sharing a short story of the ministry you do that Grace helps make possible. Film a segment or write a paragraph telling how GIS enables your work, and we’d love to include your testimony in our media. E-mail content to

If your mission or church has been positively impacted by Grace, please consider asking your leadership to write a letter of endorsement for the school, especially describing the lives it impacts. Send it to us, and we’ll keep it for our formal records.

Because of God’s faithful provision, GIS can educate missionary kids for less than the actual cost of goods and services provided. However, this means that continued growth and improvement can only be possible with the help of donors like you. Consider making a one-time gift or joining the 500 Club by pledging to give 500 baht/month ($17/month). For more information, visit our donate page.

In order to keep tuition affordable for missionary families, all our staff come to Grace as missionaries themselves, supported through networks of churches and individuals. If you or someone you know feels called to overseas missions and has a passion for education, God may be calling you to GIS. For more details, see our Current Staff Needs.

Although most of our staff are also volunteers, there are four different commitment levels to explore. Full-time or part-time foreign teachers/staff come as volunteers through sending organizations and must apply for a specific job opening and go through the staff application process. Thai staff positions include salary and benefits, but are open to Thai citizens only. Any other parent, visitor, or Grace community member may apply to be a general volunteer by completing the volunteer application process. Finally, student teachers should come in their final year of teacher training from any university that approves overseas placements.